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High School

High School at ICS is  “High Challenge - High Support”

Our engaging and vigorous curriculum in grades 9 and 10, and the IB Diploma program for grades 11 and 12, challenge students to think critically, to apply their knowledge across academic subjects and to take agency over their own learning.

At the same time, our educators, administrators and counselors support our students every step of the way with personal, academic and college counseling services. High school students meet in advisories throughout the four high school years, for organizational support, course selection and pathways, reflection and team-building.

In addition, our program promotes inquiry and personalized learning through service learning. Our robust CAS program is not limited to IB students but is embraced and practiced throughout high school. Our grade 11 internship program allows students practical real-world work experience.

Our students are supported to successfully master the skills and mindset needed to thrive beyond high school to become global citizens.

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