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Elementary School

Welcome to our Elementary school webpage! 

If you plan on moving to Addis Ababa, or just want to know the educational options available to you here in Ethiopia’s capital, ICS Addis is the place to start.


Our program is built upon the belief that strong skills in reading, writing, and mathematics are the foundation for success in life. We offer a variety of research-based instructional programs in content areas, including Teachers College Reading Writing Workshop and Next Generation Science Standards, but having said that we also believe in producing well-rounded students. Specials classes are offered in Foreign Language, Art, Music and Physical Education. These offerings are an important part of our program because we strive to educate the whole child and not just their brain! We offer an extensive range of extracurricular activities through our after school activities program. A sampling of those activities can be accessed by following the Elementary activities link.

Exploring our website will give you a view into the many things available at the Elementary School. Remember to visit our faculty page in order to read through the bios of our teachers. I am sure you will be impressed!


Much of what we do around student discipline is packaged as part of the ICS Way. Students are taught to take care of themselves, this place, and others and we encourage them to do so by giving them positive recognition in the form of Mini-Alerts. Most the time we don’t have serious behavioral issues at the school but occasionally it can happen. If your child does not meet our behavioral expectations either the Elementary Assistant Principal or the Guidance Counselor will contact you and ask you to schedule a meeting. We expect all students to respect all the adults working on the campus and we ask you to support our efforts by modeling similar behavior when you are on campus.


We hope that you will want to visit your child’s classroom during the year but we ask that you schedule your visit with the classroom teacher. Parents are welcome to stop by and talk to the teacher during drop off and pickup times, however, visiting the class during instructional times must be scheduled with the teacher in advance. This includes visits to the class for birthday parties.

Please take some time and read about the Elementary School program in the following pages.  There is a lot of useful information. At any time, please feel free to come to speak with us in person, or drop us an email at: esoffice(at)

Best Regards,

Michael Schooler
ES Principal