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Elementary School

At ICS,elementary school students have a genuine enthusiasm for learning!  

As our students grow from kindergartners to pre-teens, we help them learn the skills they need to be successful in their homes, communities, and at school. ICS has built an outstanding program that  encourages curiosity and supports our students academically, physically and emotionally.

We are a fully authorized IB Primary Year Program (PYP) school, implementing Professional Learning Communities, promoting personalized learning in which students learn according to their individual styles and needs.

This year, we have launch the Learning Hub Model in grade 4 and strengthen our students success with a flexible learning space and more customized and personalized groupings and collaboration among students to support how each individual student learns best.

With a research-based, high-quality curriculum and the collaborative PLC teaching teams, students are supported to make strides in gaining self-confidence, to develop a more mature, perceptive, and imaginative way of thinking, and to understand the world and people around them.  

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