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ICS Addis has been accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) since 1992. Accreditation is an important Seal of Quality that “provides an independent and external affirmation that a school meets the rigorous standards set by educational peers.”

There are numerous independent agencies that accredit thousands of schools and colleges around the world. You can read more about accreditation and the MSA at their website.

The accreditation process is a catalyst and framework for school improvement. When the school community studies itself for accreditation, we identify what is working well, and what needs attention. The accreditation process empowers and engages all stakeholders in the school community: students, parents, teachers and staff members. Because of this engagement, accreditation provides clearer accountability and builds trust. Accreditation is an activity, not a status. It should not result in a thick binder that gathers dust on a bookshelf. It can help us design sustainable growth and improvement processes.

The accreditation process…

  • involves of all stakeholders in dialogue and decision making
  • redefines (if needed) our mission and vision for ICS
  • yields action plans for priority school improvement initiatives,
  • identifies who is responsible for taking action (and when it should happen), and
  • describes the measurements and key performance indicators that will be used in the future to assess our progress.

It ensures that our time, talents, money and other resources are used effectively to help us achieve our mission and vision over the next five to seven years.

ICS Addis last completed a self-study for accreditation in 2013-2014. A “Visiting Team” of educators trained by the MSA came for five days in the spring of 2014 to verify the accuracy of our study, see if our goals were truly relevant, and check our action plans for completeness and usefulness.  We are now accredited until 2021. 

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