ICS Campus Playbook

The ICS Campus Playbook is our guiding document and blueprint for what our campus will look like and what protection protocols we will put into place to help ensure the health and safety of our students, employees and community members.

Our Playbook is a “living” document and will evolve as the COVID-19 situation evolves in Ethiopia, Government Regulations change and as new information is available.  Additionally, once we are implementing the protocols, these may evolve for efficiency and practicality.

Below are some highlights of the Campus Playbook.  Please access the full Campus Playbook HERE.

Playbook Priorities

The ICS Leadership Team and the ICS Board of Governors have carefully considered how to balance the safeguarding of the health and safety of our students, staff, and families with our community’s educational needs.

Several factors have influenced our Campus Playbook strategies:

  • transmission rates within Ethiopia and Addis Ababa
  • the learning and socio-emotional needs of our students;
  • the health and safety of our students, employees and community;
  • models from other international schools which have reopened successfully; and
  • best practice and recommendations from the CDC and WHO organizations
  • Ethiopian Government recommendations and guidelines

What follows is, we believe, a prudent and realistic path, which acknowledges the importance of student-to-staff contact and students’ peer-to-peer contacts, while being clear about the fact we are still in the midst of a pandemic and need to mitigate risks to the extent this is possible. To that end, the following are the three key principles that guide our campus strategies.

1. Health, Wellness and Safety are our Priority

Further to adhering to the government of Ethiopia guidelines and recommendations from the CDC the WHO and other best practices, regarding hygiene measures, we have also taken into account the need for appropriate physical distancing measures. What has been one of our strengths - a campus designed to bring people together - now presents a challenge. 

As we prioritize physical distancing, we will:

  • require masks to enter campus for all adults and students from EY5-G12
  • enable temperature checks and hand washing upon entering the campus
  • enable multiple drop off and pickup locations
  • limit access to the campus
  • organize classrooms and commons areas and modify learning for physical distancing
  • facilitate frequent hand washing 
  • continue to train, teach, remind of health and safety protocols for employees and students

2. Reopening Campus Plan needs to be Flexible and Adaptable

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have all been required to adapt and change quickly and regularly. Our reopening plan is designed so that we can respond rapidly to changing circumstances. Based on our learning from other schools around the world that have already returned to campus, our reopening plan is designed to accommodate a physical distancing and other health protocols.

3. Our Continuous Learning Program Anchors Us

The 10 weeks of our Continuous Learning Program last spring prepared us well to continue this mode of teaching and learning as an online option when needed. Having our Continuous Learning Program will ensure an uninterrupted learning program and structure for those students who are under quarantine or are self-isolating due to personal or family health risks, and/or will not be able to return to campus at this time or if ICS needs to move completely online.

Campus Playbook Highlights

Here are some highlights from the Campus Playbook. Please access the full Campus Playbook HERE.  Additionally, more details and specifics will be shared as we get closer to the start of school.