ICS Addis is committed to welcoming our learners back to school from wherever they are and ensuring that all students continue to learn and engage at the highest possible levels, this is being our best with Africa and our World. We are looking forward to starting the school year on 21 September of 2020, and have prepared our educational programs and systems, as well as the physical campus to support the return of students. 

Our 2020-21 School Start Strategy is based on three Learning Paths outlined below.  (For the full Strategy, click HERE)

Our goal is to start with Path 1 - On campus Learning.  However we realize that there are many factors to consider when making a final decision.  In consultation with our stakeholders, our community partners and health authorities, below is our Decision Flowchart that we will use to make our learning Path decision.

You can access the full Reopening Strategy HERE.

2020-21 Start

the ICS Leadership has made the decision to start the school year with

Learning Path 2 - Hybrid Program

Path 2 allows families to choose between an on campus and an online experience for the start of the 2020-21 school year.  At this time, the online option will be available through December only.  On campus learning will remain an option provided that the Ethiopian Government opens schools in the country and our health team and advisors deem it safe to do so.  A decision by the Ethiopian Government is expected around the beginning of September.


In preparation for an on campus start, we have been developing health and safety protocols that will be followed this fall for the protection of our students and employees. 

Please go to the Playbook page HERE for more information.