welcome to the international community school of Addis ababa

ICS is committed to ensuring that all students learn and engage at the highest levels. By providing a Highly Effective and Learning Progressive education, ICS not only ensures that students succeed in meeting high academic standards but also experience opportunities to apply their learning in authentic and meaningful ways. For more information see the Head of School welcome here.


 "I have found ICS a great place. The campus looks beautiful; the facilities are top-notch; the staff is really student centered and committed to student learning. ICS Addis is really a model learning environment."

- Anthony Muhammad (PhD), Global Educational Leader



Learning at ICS

Highly Effective learning Progressive

We're committed to ensure all students learn and engage at the highest levels, through meaningful, authentic, reflective, collaborative, conceptual, transdisciplinary, active and personalized experiences. More

ICS Definition of Learning

Learning is an ongoing process in which learners acquire, develop and apply knowledge, skills, and dispositions essential to thrive in, and contribute to, an ever-changing world. More

Personalized Learning Experience

Personalized learning offers your children joyful ownership of what and how they learn and to inquire and apply their learning in authentic and meaningful ways. More


<img src=%22Group of girls.png%22 alt=%22Elementary School students at ICS>

We are ICS Addis

We are ICS Addis